Join Our Upcoming Student Showcase!

Saturday August 3 / Sunday August 4

We are thrilled to announce our Student Showcase is back! 
Whether you are a seasoned student or just starting out, there’s a place for you in our showcase! 
Perform as a group, as a duet, or a solo!

Why Participate? 

  • Build Confidence: Performing is a fantastic way to boost your confidence and celebrate your progress.
  • Learn New Dances: Join our classes now to learn routines that will be featured in the showcase.
  • Perform for Friends and Family: Showcase your hard work and talent in from of a supportive audience!


Not Ready To Perform? Set a Personal Goal and Learn Something New!

Even of you don’t want to perform, our classes are a great way to challenge yourself and set a new goal.
Learning a new dance routine provides a sense of accomplishment and achievement even if your audience is yourself in the mirror!

Why Join Now?

  • Goal Setting: Work towards mastering a routine, giving yourself a tangible goal to focus on.
  • Personal Growth: Achieve a new level of skill and self satisfaction.
  • Fun and Fitness: Enjoy the process of learning and improving, all while getting a great workout.

Make sure to reserve your spot today!

Be sure to change the date on the schedule page to see future classes.