Photo Release and Use of Likeness Waiver

By signing up for classes or events, the attendee grants Work It Dance and Fitness LLC permission to use his/her likeness in a photograph and/or video in any and all publications and materials without payment or consideration made to them. The attendee realizes these photos and/or videos become the property of Work It Dance and Fitness, LLC and will not be returned. The attendee authorizes Work It Dance and Fitness, LLC to use, edit, copy, publish or exhibit any photo or video for any lawful purpose. The attendee waives the right to review any photo or video or to obtain royalties from the photo or video.
Please Note: Photos and videos will be taken throughout the day and some photographs/videos will be posted on our web site and newsletter. Please let the staff of Work It Dance and Fitness, LLC know if you do not wish to have your picture/video made public.