About Us

Work It Dance and Fitness is a female, black-owned, boutique fitness studio in the heart of SoNo.  In 2010, I opened Work It with my husband with the goal of offering unique fitness classes not found in the typical big-box gyms.  What it developed into was much more than that.


Work It is a diverse community of people that come together to share compassion, uplift each other, and become healthier.  Yes, people come to us for our unique fitness classes, but they stay because of how the studio environment makes them feel.  Many of our “Warriors” (members) graciously shared with us how the studio makes them feel empowered, safe, confident, and appreciated. 


To provide unique dance and fitness classes to the men and women in our community, making exercise something to look forward to again. We will strive to enrich their minds, body, and souls, raise their self-esteem, and make them feel highly motivated on a daily basis, all while having fun.



Cancer survivor, professional dancer, former NFL cheerleader, minority business owner, competitor, and competition coach.  Over 20 years of dance and fitness experience to give you an amazing fitness experience. 


Multiple business owner, motivator, dancer, go-getter.  Tony is a certified X-pert pole fitness instructor, a loving supportive husband to Michelle, a father to a military son, and the owner of two amazing cats named after the Yankees.