TVΒ Appearances

Michelle has made numerous TV appearances representing Work It Dance and Fitness. Shows have included CT Style (ABC) and News 12 Connecticut.

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Dance for Cancer ~ A Celebration of Survival Fundraiser Promotion for Work It!

Breast Cancer and Fitness:Β  Michelle is interviewed by Gillian Neff of News 12 CT about the health benefits of exercise for breast cancer survivors.


Watch as Michelle teaches Connecticut different dance moves on ABC’s Connecticut Style!


Michelle will respond to media and journalist in less than 24 hours (often within 1-2 hours by email). Topics she will cover include: Pole Dancing for Fitness, Pole Dancing and Self Esteem, Fitness and Breast Cancer Survival, Cheer Dance, Burlesque Dancing, Cardio Dancing, Studio Ownership, Small Business Ownership, and Work It Dance and Fitness Classes (other topics are available upon request).

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TV appearance on News 12 CT