SENSUAL MOVEMENTS (a.k.a Stripper Pole 101)

The sexiest pole dancing classes in CT!  This class is designed for people with no or very little pole dancing experience or for those that just want to add sexy to their skills .


pole dancing, classes, sensual, private, parties, bachelorette, lessonsWhat To Expect

Grind your hips.  Throw your hair.  Crawl on the floor and let your hands wander all over your body. Get ready because your workout is about to get sexy!

Discover your own sensuality as your instructor takes you through a complete body workout.

You may learn:

  • How to use the pole
  • How to work the wall
  • Hair tossing
  • Hip grinding
  • Body waves
  • Pole slides
  • A sexy dance combination and more…

CLICK HERE to watch an example.

How Much Does It Cost?

$25 per class. (Can also be used for Intro to Pole Dancing class.)
Purchase a 5-class package and get another Sensual Movements class free!
Purchase a 10-Class Package and get 3 free!

When Is It Offered?

Fridays at 8:00pm

Saturdays at 5:00pm

What to Wear

Whatever makes you feel comfortable and sexy.
High heels that will stay secure on your feet are appropriate. (Can be barefoot as well.)
Knee pads and/ or leg warmers are appropriate.