Build your strength while practicing social distancing. LIVE online fitness classes streaming 7 days a week. Interact with our instructors online.


TONE & TIGHTEN utilizes light weights and resistance bands to work the shoulders, arms, legs, abs, butt, back, and core,

Moves are performed on the floor as well as standing. Each muscle group is worked using high repetition and a small range of motion then stretched to lengthen the muscles.

Optional equipment: light hand weights (or soup cans), a fitness strap (or towel), and a chair (for balance)

To be strong on the pole, you have to build strength off the pole!  Abs, legs, back , arms… everything will be stretched and strengthened. 
No experience or equipment needed. Optional chair for balance.
woman working out to bootcamp
60 minutes of high impact interval training with strategic recovery periods.

ACE certified trainer Tanya will take you through cardio drills and strength training exercises using resistance bands, free weights, sliders, and your own body weight.

Power Hour will build your strength, endurance, mobility, balance, and flexibility.
(It will also make your abs and butt look awesome!)

All sales are final. Cancellation policy: Single classes can be cancelled anytime before class start time.  Single classes expire within 3 weeks.