Cardio Dance: Burlesque / Fusion Dance

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Burlesque Dance

Tuesdays at 7:00pm

burlesque dance classes

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Shimmy your shoulders. Bump and grind your hips.  Flip your hair. This is no ordinary workout! Welcome to BURLESQUE!

Find your “inner diva” through this fun & girly class. A mix of burlesque, jazz, and theater dance will give you a sexy attitude and confidence… no matter what your body type is.

No experience is necessary and all classes are “guaranteed to make you feel gorgeous.” All shapes, sizes, and fitness levels welcome. Our class is not about stripping. Our burlesque style is all about sexy sophistication without ever removing our clothes. It is about tease and cheeky seduction, so don’t be afraid to smile, flirt, wink, and gasp! (Oh my!)

What to wear: Yoga wear is appropriate, or come in your sexiest corset, fishnet stockings, and booty shorts. Heels are always welcome!

No dance experience needed.

PRICING: $18.00 per class. Click here to see multi-class discounts.

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Fusion Dance Fitness!

Thursdays at 7:00pm


CLICK HERE to watch an example.

Fusion Dance Fitness is a style that blends dance genres together to create energetic and beautiful movement. Just as music adopts, adapts, and blends various influences and styles, Fusion accomplishes the same by way of dance.

Have a ball as we tone and strengthen abs, legs, butt, and arm muscles, enhance flexibility, and burn away calories with a triad connection between Modern dance, West African, and Hip-Hop.

No dance experience needed.

What to wear: Any comfortable workout wear.  Sneakers, dance sneaker, and bare feet are appropriate.

PRICING: $18.00 per class. Click here to see multi-class discounts.

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Our scheduling system allows you to cancel a class up to 12 hours before the class starts without being charged for that class. If you cancel within 12 hours of the class starting, or if you arrive late to the class and you are NOT allowed in, you will be charged for the full class and a refund or credit will not be issued. We pay the instructors and block off your space in expectation that you are coming. Failure to show up before class starts or failure to cancel up to 12 hours before the class start time is not fair to the instructors, other clients, or to the person that may have wanted to take your place in the class.