Belly dancing and Stretch Classes

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Yoga class pictureCustomized Yoga


How do you like your Yoga?  Do you want a passive, very relaxed class?  Do you want a active, strength-based class? Do you want to flow through a series of sun-salutations or do you want to hold static poses?  Any way you like it, Jeannie will customize your class to YOU!  It’s like having a personal trainer without the personal trainer price!  Classes are kept small to give you the individual attention you deserve.

Yoga is a form of exercise that uses slow movements and stretching. It is good for increasing flexibility, balance, and strength. It is also good for relieving stress and relaxing. Yoga has been used as a meditation technique for thousands of years. As you exercise, you meditate on what your body is feeling and try to be “one with the universe.”

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PRICING: $20.00 per class. Click here to see multi-class discounts.

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belly dancing Tava Belly dancing


Tone and firm your muscles while shimming and shaking to ancient middle-eastern rhythms. Tava will teach you exiting belly dancing steps and techniques while isolating different parts of the body such as hips, shoulders, chest, and stomach. Zills, veils, canes, and trays are sometimes introduced to these fun cultural classes.  Belly dancing scarves are optional but very fun to use!

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PRICING: $20.00 per class. Click here to see multi-class discounts.

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What to wear:

Make sure your clothes give enough to let you move and stretch fully. Your instructor will need to be able to see your body well enough to see the alignment of you bones and how your muscles are engaging, so while loose is OK, baggy is not. You will also want to avoid baggy clothes because some exercises could be a bit revealing if your clothes are too loose. Both classes are usually done barefoot, so no fancy footwear is needed.



Our scheduling system allows you to cancel a class up to 12 hours before the class starts without being charged for that class. If you cancel within 12 hours of the class starting, or if you arrive late to the class and you are NOT allowed in, you will be charged for the full class and a refund or credit will not be issued. We pay the instructors and block off your space in expectation that you are coming. Failure to show up before class starts or failure to cancel up to 12 hours before the class start time is not fair to the instructors, other clients, or to the person that may have wanted to take your place in the class.