Our instructors continually train with some of the best dancers and athletes from Russia, Brazil, France, Australia, Italy, Canada, Japan, UK, Turkey, and other countries all over the world to ensure you are getting the best, most updated techniques in the performing arts.



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Owner, Pole, Burlesque, and Tone & Tighten Instructor

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Michelle has been a performer all of her life, from her first recital at age 3, to performing in front of millions as a New England Patriot Cheerleader at Superbowl XXXVI. She has studied a variety of dance styles ranging from ballet, tap, and jazz in her younger years, to funk-jazz, cheer-dance, pole dancing and cabaret/burlesque in her later years.

In total, Michelle has performed for 10 professional sports teams ranging from NFL, WNFL, AHL, AFL, AFL 2, CBA, and USBL. Michelle has been teaching dance for over 14 years in the Connecticut area and continues to perform locally. Michelle is a X-Pert, Vertical Dance, and PDC certified pole instructor, as well as a member of the PFA and the APFA.



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Owner and Pole Fitness Instructor

Tony became interested in learning to pole dance after watching his wife Michelle train for years. He would use the pole that Michelle installed in their living room to do pull ups and leg lifts every morning. As he noticed his body becoming stronger, he became even more interested and started to take classes with Michelle to gain more formal training.

After more than a year of practicing, Tony decided he was ready for the next step and went through the rigorous X-Pert Teacher Certification. Tony passed with flying colors and became Work It Dance and Fitness’ first male pole dancing instructor.



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Bellydancing Instructor

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Tava is a life-long dancer who began her training in belly dance as a New Year’s resolution in 2000. Now, as a highly regarded instructor, choreographer and performer in the tri-state area, Tava has choreographed for theatrical productions ranging from Fantasy Belly dance to Shakespeare.

She has performed at many prestigious theaters including DNA, Merce Cunningham and The Gene Frankel Theater, as well as clubs, restaurants and cultural events. Known for her fluid and expressive style, Tava has appeared on television, in print, and on multiple DVD’s. www.BellydancebyTava.com



Pole Dancing Instructor

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Erika grew up in the small town of Brookfield, CT. She never felt she was part of the “in” crowd due to her love and passion for the fine arts (her areas of expertise are urban, multicultural, and feminine studies). By day, she is a school teacher, and by night she has a passion for the art of pole dancing.Erika became interested in pole dancing to help build her self-esteem after she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. With the use of medication and physical fitness, Erika battles to keep her symptoms under control.

She started pole dancing in December 2009 under the instruction of Michelle Abbruzzese(Owner).  Erika also trained in several pole dancing studios across CT and in NYC as her passion became deeper. She continues to challenge herself by taking various pole classes from leaders in the industry. Erika is a certified X-Pert and Vertical Dance Trained Pole Instructor.

GRACE ANN (a.k.a. “LIZ”)

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Pole Dancing Instructor

Dance and gymnastics has always been Grace Anne’s first love. Her dance career began at the tender age of 2 and has blossomed into the field of aerial artistry over the past five years. With over 25 years of experience in multiple genre’s of dance, Grace Anne was more than thrilled when a mutual friend introduced her to a new style of dancing in 2008. Grace Anne was immediately drawn to the strength and fluidity that pole dancing called for. It allowed Grace Anne to use her body in ways no other form of dance has ever offered. The next day, Grace Anne purchased an X-POLE for use in her own home.

Inspired by the challenges that pole dancing offered to her, Grace Anne completed a teaching training program in New York City in 2009 and has taught pole dancing classes throughout New York ever since. Also being a certified ISSA Personal Trainer, Grace Anne’s style includes a mixture of fitness, body awareness and sexual confidence that only the sport of pole dancing can offer.



Pole Dancing Instructor

Ever since Krista could walk, she was dancing. She began taking classes at the young age of three years old, and eventually began teaching ballet, tap, modern and hip hop to all age groups for several years.

In 2010 Krista moved to Norwalk and temporarily put dance on hold. But without her creative outlet she began to feel a void that nothing else could quite fill. That’s when a friend asked her to take a pole dancing class at Work It in 2013. Krista’s world was instantly turned “upside down”.

Pole was a challenging and exciting combination of dance, gymnastics and strength training. She has been a loyal member of the Work It community ever since, appearing in Work It Fit’s DVD workout videos: Dance Yourself Fit and Tone & Tighten. Now as a pole dance instructor she is excited to share her lifelong love of dance with others!


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Fusion Dance Fitness Instructor

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Cory started his studies in modern dance while in his ninth grade year of high school. Growing up in Fayetteville, NC, Cory studied under two highly skilled dance instructors: Asha Bala, a well trained modern dance and Indian Bharatanatyam instructor and Charlene Coxa well known Modern, Jazz and African instructor.Cory’s skills include West African, Modern, Hip-Hop and Jazz dance styles. He has taught in various workshops and performed in different venues through out the east coast and the mid west.