Digestive Diseases and Pole Dancing? Who Would’ve Thought? By Erika A.

Digestive disease suffers can tell you that one of the best self-care measures one can take to alleviate their symptoms is to exercise and take control of their diet.  I, Erika, a pole dance instructor at Work It Dance and Fitness in Norwalk, CT, have successfully been on remission from ulcerative colitis for 3 years. I was diagnosed with a chronic condition of ulcerative colitis at 19, and struggled with flare ups until 23.  Now at age 26, and have finally regained my health, my strength, and my self-confidence with a little over a year of pole fitness training.

Erika before pole fitness

To keep my disease in check, I was put on a steroid called Prednisone.  It was a miracle drug in helping me with my condition, but I gained 46 lbs. due to the side effects of increased appetite and water retention.  These side effects caused me to start feeling bad about myself to the point that I even went through a short period of episodic depression.   My doctor’s answer was to write yet another prescription, this time for an anti-anxiety drug.

I informed the doctor, “Look, I take enough pills, I’m not taking anymore!” I knew there had to be a better way.  Come to found out, there was.

Erika on her 26th birthday

For me, pole dancing has become a natural release of serotonin.  It allowed me to tone my body, lose weight, and feel great about myself, and I’m proud to say, I did “it” without another drug in my system.  With pole dancing, I have not only managed to tone my every muscle in my body, but have also been able to strengthen my stomach and more importantly, help my digestion. Even the frequency of my flare-ups have been reduced leading me to be on remission for several years, with the assistance of a low dosage of anti-inflammatory prescription drug.

Pole fitness has allowed me to live my life again normally without the aggravation of flaring up and to be able to feel fabulous in my own skin again.  I even wore a bikini this past summer, something I haven’t wanted to do in years.

So, if your someone who is not happy with the person in the mirror,  physically or mentally,   pole dancing may be the answer you are looking for. Pole dancing strengthens the connection between the mind and the body, and can build self-confidence.  If you’re in the Norwalk Connecticut area, take my class so you can learn to show off your curves and sensual side! By the end of each class you will feel more empowered and feel as if you can conquer the world.  It worked for me!

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